Explorations of solar activity and sunspots

Type Excursion (Interactive Presentation)
Description In this excursion we will teach how to calculate Wolf number, and how to made explorations of solar activity. The main goal will be making diagram, showing Sun’s rotation and measuring sunspot’s diameter using the SalsaJ.
Author Tsetsa Hristova
License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
Attribute to Tsetsa Hristova (http://vishub.org/users/tsetsa-hristova)
Language English
Created at November 17, 2013 22:26
Updated at March 04, 2024 07:01

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3 months ago

In this excursion, participants will learn how to calculate the Wolf number and explore solar activity. The primary objective is to create diagrams illustrating the Sun's rotation and measure sunspot diameter using SalsaJ software. Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, attendees will gain practical skills in solar observation and data analysis. For students seeking assistance understanding complex concepts or refining their communication skills in explaining scientific processes, reputable communication assignment help services can offer valuable support and resources to enhance comprehension and effectiveness in conveying scientific information.